Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to Things Americans Fear!!!

Greeting my friends and readers,

Oh let me tell you that it is true that for every generalization made about any creature on earth, some unique individual will arrive to challenge their assigned stereotype. Since generalizations make my arguments easier, however, I'm going to use them liberally, my friends.

Please comment on the entries to follow... agree, disagree, or add your own suggestions for things that I've not yet written about. The subject of things Americans fear is a broad expanse of subjects that defy the imaginations of people from other countries. As a Canadian living among them, I have seen them act on their fears first hand. I find it to be quite hilarious.

I can no longer contain the hilarity within me. Sit back my friend and prepare to hear the the tales of things Americans fear.

Your friend and humble narrator,
Sir Robyn

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